GPS receiver 3 Апрель 2015, 13:10
The TA-24 a high-performance, dual purpose, 24 channel GPS receiver ideal for the expanded role of today's airborne military operations. In PPS mode, the TA-24 provides the latest safety and security capabilities required for military aviation operations within the NAVWAR environment and is approved by the GPS Joint Program Office. This robust dual purpose GPS receiver is easily integrated with most Flight Management Systems (FMS).


The SAASM-based TA-24 receiver is a 24-channel Precise Positioning Service (PPS) receiver that uses both the L1 and L2 frequencies and outputs data over multiple ARINC 429 and RS-422/232 channels. The TA-24 meets NAVWAR and SAASM requirements for both military and civilian environments.
● European JAA BRNAV compliant
● Meets requirements of DO-160D environmental / DO-178B Level C software
● RAIM and Fault Detection Exclusion IAW RTCA DO-229B
● Instantaneous operator controlled SPS/PPS mode switching
● Meets key GRAM performance requirements
● Provides an upgrade path to WAAS and LAAS